Uwell Caliburn G3 Review: How Does This Pod Vape Fare?

Uwell Caliburn G3 Review: How Does This Pod Vape Fare?

Renowned vape manufacturer Uwell has unleashed an impressive upgrade to their popular Caliburn line - introducing the sleek yet powerful Caliburn G3 pod mod kit. This slim pocket-friendly pod system blends premium construction with excellent flavor and flexibility.

As an ardent Uwell fan who has tested most Caliburn iterations, I eagerly sampled the G3 to see if meaningful improvements emerged. After two weeks of real-world testing, I'm pleased to report this pod delivers as promised.

While falling short in certain areas, the Caliburn G3 still warrants consideration for vapers seeking a customizable pod-based direct-lung or mouth-to-lung experience on the go.

Uwell Caliburn G3 Pod Vape Review
Uwell Caliburn G3 Pod Vape Review

Streamlined Design and Intuitive Interface

The Caliburn G3 sports a familiar elongated silhouette with soft rounded edges that comfortably fits small hands. Textured accents on the flush firing button provide tactile feedback when held.

An OLED screen positioned near the base displays helpful metrics including:

  • Battery life

  • Output wattage

  • Resistance

  • Puff counter

  • Activation mode

This supplementary data, absent on predecessors, empowers intuitive adjustments. Vapers can fine-tune draw style and vapor density at will.

A 70° flip in pod orientation toggles between two distinct airflow settings too. While less precise than the Caliburn G2's spin dial, this updated approach prevents accidental bumps from throwing off your preferred setting.

The chassis itself exhibits no creaking or button rattle. Sturdy aluminum alloy construction should withstand years of use and abuse. A window into the 2.5ml pod also simplifies checking juice levels.

New Pods - For Better or Worse

The shift from interchangeable to fixed proprietary coils will frustrate tinkerers, but enhances leak protection and longevity slightly. Expect about two weeks of moderate use before flavor declines.

The kit includes two pods catering to direct lung and mouth-to-lung styles:

0.6Ω Pod: Rated from 20-25W for restricted DTL draws with airier inhales.

0.9Ω Pod: Targets 12-15W for tighter MTL pulls.

While the loss of swappable coils reduces environmentally wasteful rapid pod turnover, having just two resistances limits flexibility somewhat. At least capacity has grown to 2.5ml over the 2ml G2 pods.

Uwell Caliburn G3 Pods
Uwell Caliburn G3 Pods

Battery Life and Charging Speed

The integrated 900mAh battery bests the G2's cell by 150mAh, lending potentially longer run times - though still no longevity champion compared to triple battery mods. Realistically expect 100-150 puffs based on personal wattage preferences.

Ample 2A Type-C quick charging fully replenishes an empty cell in just over 30 minutes - rarely leaving you without vaping for long. The OLED further displays exact charging progress.

Automatic circuit safeguards prevent issues like overcharging and protect the cell if the device is accidentally fired while powered off.

Uwell Caliburn G3 Battery
Uwell Caliburn G3 Battery

Smooth Performance with Rich Flavor

Having churned through approximately 200 puffs on both pod types so far, I’ve yet to experience any leaking, spit back dry hits or potency drops. The pods continue outputting dense, accurate flavor just like new.

The 0.6Ω coil produces extremely satisfying warmth and vapor density around 22W with 50/50 salt nic e-liquids. Even the airflow-restricting 0.9Ω pod avoids muting sweeter profiles.

Battery life reliably lasts a full day of moderate use without issue as well thanks to battery protections and efficient power delivery.

Ramp-up times are nearly instantaneous with no bothersome pre-heat delay. Simply inhale normally or press the tactile firing button based on preference thanks to the dual-activation functionality.

Key Pros

  • Durable, lightweight build

  • 2A USB Type-C fast charging

  • Leak and spit-back resistant

  • Helpful OLED screen

  • Excellent flavor reproduction

Key Cons

  • Non-replaceable coils

  • Few pod options at launch

  • Battery capacity could still be higher

Conclusion: A Superb Caliburn Upgrade

The Uwell Caliburn G3, while not revolutionary compared to prior pods, exhibits remarkable fit and finish alongside adjustable output - catering to both restricted DTL and MTL vapers.

From the smart interface and handy data reporting to the exceptional longevity and consistency, Uwell has clearly refined their pod formula once again with this latest release.

If seeking a durable and pocketable pod mod capable of precisely matching your vaping style preferences through fine tuning, the Caliburn G3 warrants your consideration. It confidently earns my recommendation to fans of both the Caliburn series and powerful pods overall.

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